Universidade de Lisboa


Coordinator: Luís Picado Santos

The group’s main topic of  research is transportation and infrastructures systems, distributed throughout ninesub-topics:

  • integration of transport across modes and with land use
  • sustainable urban mobility and SIT
  • health, ageing society and social exclusion
  • safety and security
  • railway track design and degradation modelling
  • road pavement mechanics and materials
  • air transport and airports
  • infrastructure asset management
  • business models and investment for infrastructures

The work has been developed under the financial support of the MIT-Portugal program, the EU commission, the Portuguese FCT, the Volvo Research and Education Foundations, and other networks were the group is involved such as TRANSPORTNET. Also, several IR&D projects were developed with and funded by industry. The following indicators reflect the completed activities (2008-2015): 120 papers (ISI+SCOPUS), 30 PhDs and 205 MSc theses, 4 international books, and more than 220 communications in international conferences.