Universidade de Lisboa


Coordinator: Luís Picado Santos

This group is composed of 13 Ph.D. members, 1 Ph.D. collaborators, and 24 non-PhD collaborators covering a broad range of topics, which include different fundamental transportation systems and cross-cutting related issues, such as:

  • Road, Airport, and Rail Infrastructure Systems, including methodologies and models to predict degradation and improve maintenance, renewal, and investment decisions within the different transport infrastructure systems and across them (integrated asset management) and Retrofitting transport systems: changing and adapting “old to like-new” transport systems to meet new performance standards while extending the existing ones;
  • Transport Systems Planning and Operations, including urban mobility, and active and shared mobility, as vehicle-sharing systems, the modeling and testing of demand response transportation, multi-modal systems, bike-sharing, and freight services supported by the development of appropriate ITS tools;
  • Strategy and Policy in Transport Systems, including new types of integration of public and private transportation modes and services (among each type and across the types), new types of business models for freight and passengers services enhancing more efficient intermodality.