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CERIS Researchers Marco Pedroso and José Dinis Silvestre Win Best Paper Award at CONGREGA 2024 for Sustainability Innovations

Lisbon, Portugal – July 5, 2024 CERIS researchers Marco Pedroso and José Dinis Silvestre have been honored with the Best Paper Award in sustainability at the prestigious CONGREGA 2024 conference. Their groundbreaking paper, titled “Transição Digital e Inovação Tecnológica no Setor AECO – Estratégias Integradas Para Um Futuro Sustentável” (Digital Transition and Technological Innovation in...
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CERIS Researcher Giovanni Di Lollo Wins Prestigious Gerhard Jirka Award

LISBON, Portugal – Giovanni Di Lollo, a researcher at CERIS, has been honored with the first prize of the Gerhard Jirka Award for Young Researchers for his outstanding presentation on “TKE budget equation terms of a gravity current approaching a vertical obstacle.” The presentation, which captivated the audience with its depth and innovation, was delivered...
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PhD Student Jéssica Bersch Wins Best Student Presentation Award at Net-Zero Future Conference

OSLO, NORWAY — Jéssica Bersch, a PhD student at CERIS, was honored with one of the Best Student Presentation Awards during the Net-Zero Future conferences held last June. Her award-winning study, titled “Marine-based Photocatalytic Protection of Building Envelopes on Behalf of Climate Change,” has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to combating climate change...
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PhD Student Jordan Tadonbou Wins Best Paper Award at ICEC2024

Edinburgh, UK – The prestigious Best Paper Award at the ICEC2024 – 2nd RILEM International Conference on Earthen Construction, held at the University of Edinburgh, has been awarded to Jordan Tadonbou for his groundbreaking research paper titled “Optimization of the Performance of Earth Mortars at Elevated Temperatures.” The paper is a collaborative effort co-authored by...
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CERIS former students distinguished by APAET

On March 22, while commemorating its 40th anniversary, the Associação Portuguesa de Análise Experimental de Tensões (APAET) distinguished three former students from CERIS. APAET is a Portuguese non-profit association dedicated to promoting experimental mechanics in the various branches of engineering. In the 40th anniversary commemorative session, which took place at LNEC, the following researchers were...
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Inês Rosa Wins ESCM Award for Best PhD Thesis of 2022

Inês Rosa, researcher of the Composites Research Group (CORE) of CERIS and former PhD student of DECivil, received the “ESCM Award for Best PhD Thesis of 2022”, attributed by the European Society of Composites Materials (ESCM). The submissions “were evaluated based on novelty, complexity, depth of analysis, impact, and quality of communication.” The award ceremony...
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CERIS Hosts Pizza Seminar on Sustainable Construction Using Recycled Mask Waste

On July 3, 2024, CERIS organized a Pizza Seminar titled “REDUCE! Use of Plastic Waste from Surgical Masks in Construction Materials,” presented by CERIS researcher Maria Paula Mendes. The seminar showcased the innovative “REDUCE” project, which focuses on the recycling of disposable IIR surgical masks into construction materials, contributing to sustainable building practices and reducing...
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University of Seville Awards Second Prize to CERIS researchers for Outstanding Scientific Article

CERIS researchers Jónatas Valença, Killian Morin, Nathan Jouen, Nathália Olivo, Marta Torres-Gonzalez, Maria Paula Mendes, and Ana Silva have been awarded the Second Prize for the best scientific article for the academic year 2023-24 (1st Semester). Their article, titled “Feeling-BIM: A Digital Model to Support Maintenance Decisions, Based on Automatic Inspection and Dwellers’ Feelings,” was...
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Professor Helena Ramos represents IST/CERIS as a partner in the HY4RES Project

We are pleased to announce that Professor Helena M. Ramos, Full Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering (DeCivil) and member of the Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability (CERIS) at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), is a key participant in the HY4RES project. This ambitious project aims to develop new renewable energy technology and...
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