Universidade de Lisboa


Coordinator: António Aguiar da Costa

This group is composed of 11 Ph.D. members, 2 Ph.D. collaborators, and 11 non-PhD collaborators covering a broad range of topics, which include different fundamental systems and management and cross-cutting related issues, such as:

  • Regulatory and contracting policies, pricing, and performance assessment, including efficiency and productivity of public services and infrastructure; Regulatory governance and substance; Tariffs and pricing of public utilities and transportation; Economics of water and waste services; Governance models in local government.
  • Decision-making and systems design, operations and management, and project management, including Decision aiding and MCDA methods; Logistics and supply chain management; Systems modeling and optimization; Procurement models of PPPs; Infrastructure contract management; Risk assessment and management.
  • Information modeling and technologies, including Ground deformation measure with advanced SAR interferometric methods; 3D city information models and their application; Spatial analysis problems; Building information modeling and systems interoperability; Construction innovation and information management; E-business and e-procurement in construction.

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