Universidade de Lisboa


Coordinator: Rita Bento
Main research areas:

(A) Numerical Modeling:

  1. Thin-walled steel structures, focusing on the Generalized Beam Theory, and cold-formed steel members,
  2. Nonconventional FE formulations, including meshless and hybrid formulations,
  3. Fracture mechanics, addressing the Discrete Strong Discontinuity Approach,
  4. Thermo- and chemo-mechanics problems.

(B) Structural Concrete:

  1. Advanced cementitious materials,with enhanced strength, durability and sustainability,
  2. Stress-fields models,
  3. Structural health monitoring,
  4. Repairing and strengthening methods (seismic retrofitting, improved robustness),
  5. Flat slabs,
  6. Prefabrication and innovation.

(C) Steel and Composite Structures:

  1. Steel subassemblies with bolted and welded dissipative fuses,
  2. Steel and composite bridges.

(D) Geotechnics:

  1. Soil Dynamics,
  2. Characterization of electro-chemo-hydro-mechanical propertiesof soils,
  3. Soil improvement and special foundations (energy geotechnics, biocementation and electroosmosis).