Universidade de Lisboa


Coordinator: José Saldanha Matos

This group is composed of 13 Ph.D. members, 2 Ph.D. collaborators, and 5 non-PhD collaborators covering a broad range of topics, which include different fundamental environments, water resources, and cross-cutting related issues, such as:

  • Hydrology and water resources, including trend detection in hydrologic time series and modeling; drought and flood analysis, including joint probability cumulative distribution functions, empirical copulas, and non-stationary models; development of rainfall-runoff models; machine learning techniques applied to hydrologic modeling, including artificial neuronal network; development of daily runoff modeling in very large watersheds based on satellite data; development of regionalized impact scenarios for the water sector and climate change impact assessments; and risk assessment study on flash floods and debris.
  • Water services, covering water supply, sanitation, urban stormwater, and water pollution control. The following themes were included: 1D-2D dynamic simulation of the hydraulics and environmental performance of wastewater/stormwater systems; urban resilience evaluation and management in the water sector; hydraulic and environmental performance of nature-based solutions for flooding and pollution control; adaptation of water services to climate change; non-sewer sanitation and fecal sludge management; biosolids treatment and reuse; research on constructed wetlands as wastewater treatment systems.
  • Environmental issues, including assessing and analyzing climate change impacts on natural and man-made water resource systems, sustainable governance, and the environmental management applied to sustainable construction.
  • Hydrogeology and groundwater services, including groundwater pollution and risk assessment; groundwater and ecosystems; aquifer recharge and discharge; water and climate change; decision support systems for water catchment management and development of effective methods for risk-based environmental decision-making.

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