Universidade de Lisboa


Coordinator: José Saldanha Matos

The E&RH research group focuses on activities with the objective of developing approaches, methodologies and tools that cut across these areas, improving knowledge and capabilities to manage the natural and built environment in a sustainable way. E&WR concentrates its main activities on the following major topics:

  • Hydrology and water resources, integrating surface and groundwater, and including characterization and modelling of hydrologic variables and processes, planning and integrated management of water resources, groundwater pollution and risk assessment, groundwater and ecosystems, aquifer recharge and discharge, adaptation to climate change and water policy and governance.
  • Water supply and sanitation models, tools, and techniques, including research on innovative low cost solutions and sustainable water services, and dynamic modeling.
  • Environmental management of the natural and built environment, including certification procedures, environmental impact assessment, sustainability criteria, and governance issues.