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The “Safely CERIS Day Out 2020 during COVID19” annual event was recognized as a Best Practice, under the category of Research, Development and Innovation, by the 5th edition of the Best Practices Observatory (ObservIST) of Técnico-Lisboa. The ObservIST is a project that stems from the action line of the institutional focus area “Processes and Quality”,...
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Ceris is pleased to inform that Profª Cristina Matos Silva, Profª. Patrícia Ferreira Dinis and PhD Students Joana Serro and Inês Teotónio has received an award certificate by the Engineering Economy Division and comes with a prize of $1000, to be split among the winners.
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 Hidráulica: Fundamentos e Aplicações. Volume I, de António Heleno Cardoso, Dídia I. C. Covas, Rui M. L Ferreira e António Betâmio de Almeida
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CERIS researcher and PhD student at FCT Nova, Nuno Peres has received the “Sarada M. and Raju A. Vinnakota” Prize, awarded by the Structural Stability Research Council, USA., with the work: “A geometrically exact curved thin-walled beam finite element accounting for cross-section deformation”, supervised and co-authored by CERIS members Rodrigo Gonçalves and Dinar Camotim.
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