Universidade de Lisboa


(PI: Isabel Boavida)

Hydraulics + Environment and Water Resources + Systems and Management

The EcoPeak project investigates the effects of daily and sub-daily flow-fluctuations in discharge and water level form hydroelectric energy production in cyprinid species and in their spawning grounds.

The project, which benefited from the collaboration of Hidroerg company, included field data collection, hydrological assessment, 2D numerical modelling and spatial analysis (GIS) to assess and understand fish movements under hydropeaking conditions downstream the Bragado hydropower plant (HPP) due to energy production.

The master student from Civil Engineering, Filipa Ambrósio, is now finishing her thesis supported by the EcoProject. Preliminary results indicate that fish tend to swim upstream the tailrace channel when the turbines start operating to avoid the flow increase.

Despite the harsh environment, fish tend to display strong site fidelity and reluctance in abandon non suitable habitats.  During the development of this research new questions arisen, as how to identify the hydrologic parameters that characterize the hydropeaking in Mediterranean rivers.

Therefore, a new Master thesis will be soon launched with the support from EDP.

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