Universidade de Lisboa

Luís Tavares Ribeiro – March 2020

Luís Tavares Ribeiro


We would like to express our deepest regret at the loss of our member of CERIS, Professor Luís Ribeiro at Instituto Superior Técnico, with an international career and academic, artistic, literary projects in various areas. Luís Ribeiro was a member of CERIS with unique transversal activities.

We say goodbye to Prof. Luís Ribeiro with sadness and in deep appreciation to his many achievements in water resources, hydrogeology, and cultural impact of water resources and water works, among other areas. At the present time, Prof. Luís Ribeiro was particularly interested in nature-based solutions for groundwater management, studying ancient solutions from Andean and Mesoamerican civilizations.

Prof. Luís Ribeiro had a profound understanding of the reciprocal influences between technical and cultural aspects in the making of human societies, recognizing groundwater value as a cultural heritage. Prof. Luís Ribeiro illustrated his scientific work with this citation “The essential is invisible to the eyes” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

We express our condolences to the Professor’s family and friends, and we promise to cherish and tend his legacy.

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