Universidade de Lisboa


Coordinator: António Pinheiro

The group covers a significant number of topics, which include different fundamental hydraulics research and cross-cutting issues, such as:

  • CFD modelling of turbulence, hydraulic circuits, hydraulic structures and fish passes.
  • Pump, hydropower and pumped-storage systems.
  • Fluid structure interaction in pressurized systems
  • Water-energy nexus.
  • Asset management of water supply and distribution systems.
  • Hydraulics and aeration along stepped spillways and cascade drops.
  • Impact of driftwood on hydraulic structures.
  • Turbulence in vegetated channels
  • Dam-break flows and overland tsunami propagation.
  • Morphodynamics of river confluences.
  • Scour at bridge piers and abutments.
  • Fish behaviour assessment in pool-type fishways.
  • Mitigation strategies and shelters for fish submitted to hydropeaking regimes.
  • Modelling of extreme events, near the coast.
  • Wind-wave modelling and coastal morphodynamics: from the near shore till the surf zone.
  • Shoreline evolution.
  • Residual agitation inside harbours.