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Instituto Superior Técnico
IST-ID – Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal)
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Structures and Geotechnics
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Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001 Lisboa - Portugal

António Pedro Carones Duarte


Domain of activity and research topics:
  • Numerical modelling;
  • Steel, concrete and steel-concrete composite structures;
  • Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites;
  • Sustainability.
Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Modeling of the Thermomechanical Response of GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Slab Strips Subjected to Fire Duarte, A.P.C.; Rosa, I.C.; Arruda, M.R.T.; Firmo, J.P.; Correia, J.R. 2022 V. 26, n.º 5 (art. 4022044) 10.1061/(ASCE)CC.1943-5614.0001234 Journal of Composites for Construction 4.210 Mário Rui Tiago Arruda, João Pedro Lage da Costa Firmo, João Pedro Ramôa Ribeiro Correia, Inês Cuz Mina Rosa, António Pedro Carones Duarte
Structural behaviour of pre-tensioned solar sails Galhofo, D.; Silvestre, N.; de Deus, A.M.; Reis, L.; Duarte, A.P.C.; Carvalho, R. 2022 V. 181 (art. 110007) 10.1016/j.tws.2022.110007 Thin-Walled Structures 5.881 António Pedro Carones Duarte
Tests and simulation of the bond-slip between steel and concrete with recycled aggregates from CDW Bravo, M.; Duarte, A.P.C.; De Brito, J.; Evangelista, L. 2021 V. 11, n.º 2 (art. 40)(1-21) 10.3390/buildings11020040 Buildings 2.64 Jorge Manuel Caliço Lopes de Brito, Miguel Nuno Caneiras Bravo, Luís Manuel Faria da Rocha Evangelista, António Pedro Carones Duarte
Numerical study of the influence of the stringers cross-section geometry on the mechanical behavior of compressed curved stiffened composite panels Duarte, A.P.C.; Pereira, G.B.; Silvestre, N. 2021 V. 28, n.º 5 (516-529) 10.1080/15376494.2019.1578009 Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 4.030 António Pedro Carones Duarte
Computational modelling of the cyclic behaviour of short rubberized concrete-filled steel tubes Duarte, A.P.C.; Silvestre, N.; de Brito, J.; Júlio, E. 2021 V. 248 (art. 113188) 10.1016/j.engstruct.2021.113188 Engineering Structures 4.471 Jorge Manuel Caliço Lopes de Brito, Eduardo Nuno Brito Santos Júlio, António Pedro Carones Duarte
GBT Buckling Analysis of Cylindrical Panels Under Compression Silvestre, N.; Duarte, A.P.C.; Martins, J.P.; da Silva, L.S. 2019 V. 17(34-42) 10.1016/j.istruc.2018.12.007 Structures 1,839 António Pedro Carones Duarte


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Student Name Supervisor External Supervisor Co-Supervisors External Co-Supervisor #1 External Co-Supervisor #2 Title PhD Programme Universities Granting Title Funding Institution Scholarship Total PhD Funding PhD Funding for CERIS Begining Date End Date Year
PDF Ghandy Diaa Eddine Lamaa Jorge Manuel Caliço Lopes de Brito Rui Vasco Pacheco Santos da Silva, António Pedro Carones Duarte Aluminosilicate industrial waste-based alkali-activated concrete with forced carbonation. Civil Engineering Instituto Superior Técnico FCT Investigador no projecto ECO2ALKRETE - EXPL/ECI-EGC/0288/2021 19/02/2021 ongoing
Name Reference Type PI Names CERIS Coordinator Research Group Other CERIS Members Leading Institution Other Institutions Funding Institutions Total Funding Funding for Ceris Beginning Date End Date State Website
PDF FireFloor – Fire Behaviour of GFRP Composite Sandwich Panels for Rehabilitation of Building Floors PTDC/ECI-EGC/30611/2017 National João Pedro Lage da Costa Firmo João Pedro Lage da Costa Firmo Mário Rui Tiago Arruda, Carlos Manuel Tiago Tavares Fernandes, José Manuel Cabecinhas de Almeida Gonilha, Fernando António Baptista Branco, João Pedro Ramôa Ribeiro Correia, Mário Alexandre de Jesus Garrido, Mário José Loureiro de Figueiredo e Sá, António Pedro Carones Duarte, Pietro Mazzuca, Eloísa Maria Castilho dos Santos IST-ID – Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal) FCT 227449,2 227449,2 2018 2022