Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes

Assistant Professor

Domain of activity: Optimization models (namely linear programming); Data analysis/statistics.

Present research topics:

Applied multivariate statistics in Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and Architecture (and interface areas).

Development of optimization models for logistics and operations management in Civil and Industrial Engineering. In Civil Engineering: construction and demolition waste management, hazardous materials transportation, road inspection. In Industrial Engineering: operations scheduling in industry.

Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Rehabilitation Priority Ranking: A Collaborative Application to Heritage Workforce Housing Sites Falcão, A.P.; Machete, R.; Castilho Gomes, M.; Gonçalves, A.B. 2021 V. 15, n.º 5 (790-806) 10.1080/15583058.2019.1650132 International Journal of Architectural Heritage 2.580 Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes, Ana Paula Martins Falcão Flor, Alexandre Bacelar Gonçalves, Rita Freire Machete
Machine learning approach for pavement performance prediction Marcelino, P.; de Lurdes Antunes, M.; Fortunato, E.; Gomes, M.C. 2021 V. 22, n.º 3 (341-354) 10.1080/10298436.2019.1609673 International Journal of Pavement Engineering 4.139 Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes
Transfer learning for pavement performance prediction Marcelino, P.; Antunes, M.L.; Fortunato, E.; Gomes, M.C. 2020 V. 13 (154-167) 10.1007/s42947-019-0096-z International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes
Maintenance scheduling within rolling stock planning in railway operations under uncertain maintenance durations Mira, L.; Andrade, A.R.; Gomes, M.C. 2020 V. 14 (art. 100177) 10.1016/j.jrtpm.2020.100177 Journal of Rail Transport Planning and Management Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes
Development of a multi criteria decision analysis model for pavement maintenance at the network level: Application of the MACBETH approach Marcelino, P.; Antunes, M.D.L.; Fortunato, E.; Gomes, M.C. 2019 V. 5 (art. 6) 10.3389/fbuil.2019.00006 Frontiers in Built Environment Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes


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Student Name Supervisor External Supervisor Co-Supervisors External Co-Supervisor #1 External Co-Supervisor #2 Title PhD Programme Universities Granting Title Funding Institution Scholarship Total PhD Funding PhD Funding for CERIS Begining Date End Date Year
PDF Pedro Manuel Parreira Marcelino Maria de Lurdes Baptista da Costa Antunes Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes Eduardo Manuel Cabrita Fortunato A new approach for the maintenance management of transportation infrastructures using machine learning. Civil Engineering Instituto Superior Técnico FCT FCT scholarship and LNEC scholarship 30/10/2013 01/04/2020 2020
Name Reference Type PI Names CERIS Coordinator Research Group Other CERIS Members Leading Institution Other Institutions Funding Institutions Total Funding Funding for Ceris Beginning Date End Date State Website
PDF SMaRTE – Smart Maintenance and the Rail Traveller Experience S2RJU-2017/H2020-S2RJU-OC-2017 International Cristina Marta Castilho Pereira Santos Gomes University of Leeds (United Kingdom) EU H2020 770 000€ (Total), 84 000€ (IST/IDMEC) 2017 2019