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Instituto Superior Técnico
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Evelina Brigite Pires da Moura Rodrigues


Degree and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Participation and collaboration with several public entities, namely in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé e Principe.
The research areas are the Environmental Sciences including Ecology component, Infrastructure Green as part of the urban and rural planning, Environmental Assessment and Geographic Information Systems.
CERIS Science Manager.
Title Authors Year Volume DOI Journal Impact factor Clar.Analytics CERIS Members
Sustainable Tourism Planning: A Strategy for Oecusse-Ambeno, East Timor Amado, M; Rodrigues, E 2021 V. 5, n.º 4 10.3390/urbansci5040073 Urban Science Miguel José das Neves Pires Amado, Evelina Brigite Pires da Moura Rodrigues
Using different levels of information in planning green infrastructure in Luanda, Angola Amado, M.; Rodrigues, E.; Poggi, F.; Pinheiro, M.D.; Amado, A.R.; José, H. 2020 V. 12, n.º 8 (3162) 10.3390/su12083162 Sustainability 2,576 Miguel José das Neves Pires Amado, Manuel Guilherme Caras Altas Duarte Pinheiro, Evelina Brigite Pires da Moura Rodrigues
A Heritage-Based Method to Urban Regeneration in Developing Countries: The Case Study of Luanda Amado, M.; Rodrigues, E. 2019 nº11, Vol15, art 4105 10.3390/su11154105 Sustainability 2,592 Miguel José das Neves Pires Amado, Evelina Brigite Pires da Moura Rodrigues
Planning without baseline information: Delimitation of urban and rural settlements in Oé-Cusse Ambeno, Timor-Leste Amado, A.R.; Amado, M.; da Silva, F.N.; Heitor, T.; Rodrigues, E.; Ramalhete, I.; Freitas, J.C.; Silva, A.A.; Cambra, P.; Fernandes, L.B.; Lopes, R.; Pinto, R.S.; Miranda, S. 2018 V. 144, n.º 3 (art. 05018016) 10.1061/(asce)up.1943-5444.0000462 Journal of Urban Planning and Development 1,165 Miguel José das Neves Pires Amado, Evelina Brigite Pires da Moura Rodrigues


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PDF INCORE – Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education in Europe’s Outermost Regions KIC- 192 International Nuno Gonçalo Cordeiro Marques de Almeida Nuno Gonçalo Cordeiro Marques de Almeida Rui Pedro Carrilho Gomes, Alcínia Zita de Almeida Sampaio, Evelina Brigite Pires da Moura Rodrigues Instituto Superior Técnico EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology 1196800 146654 2021 2023