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Department of Civil Engineering
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Fernando Henriques

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Retrofitting Historic Buildings for Future Climatic Conditions and Consequences in Terms of Artifacts Conservation Using Hygrothermal Building Simulation Coelho, G.B.A.; de Freitas, V.P.; Henriques, F.M.A.; Silva, H.E. 2023 V. 13, n.º 4 (art. 2382) 10.3390/app13042382 Applied Sciences-Basel 2.838 Fernando Henriques, Hugo Entradas Silva
The Importance of Moisture Transport Properties of Wall Finishings on the Hygrothermal Performance of Masonry Walls for Current and Future Climates Coelho, G.B.A.; Henriques, F.M.A. 2023 V. 13, n.º 10 (art. 6318) 10.3390/app13106318 Applied Sciences-Basel 2.838 Fernando Henriques
Current and future geographical distribution of the indoor conditions for high thermal inertia historic buildings across Portugal via hygrothermal simulation Coelho, G.B.A.; Rebelo, H.B.; De Freitas, V.P.; Henriques, F.M.A.; Sousa, L. 2023 V. 245 (art. 110877) 10.1016/j.buildenv.2023.110877 Building and Environment Hugo Miguel Bento Rebelo, Fernando Henriques
Energy Efficiency in Historic Museums: The Interplay between Thermal Rehabilitation, Climate Control Strategies and Regional Climates Silva, HE; Henriques, FMA 2023 V. 13, n.º 23(art. 12732) 10.3390/app132312732 Applied Sciences-Basel 2.838 Fernando Henriques, Hugo Entradas Silva