Ana Margarida Moreira Raimundo

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Performance and durability of rendering and basecoat mortars for ETICS with CSA and portland cement Trigo, T.; Flores-Colen, I.; Silva, L.; Vieira, N.; Raimundo, A.; Borsoi, G. 2021 V. 6, n.º 4 (art. 60) 10.3390/INFRASTRUCTURES6040060 Infrastructures Inês dos Santos Flores Barbosa Colen, Giovanni Borsoi, Ana Margarida Moreira Raimundo


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PDF EFFICACY – Energy eFFiciency buIlding and CirculAr eConomY for thermal insulating solutions EFFICACY- FBR_OC1_114 National Inês dos Santos Flores Barbosa Colen Maria Cristina de Oliveira Matos Silva, Maria Paula Sofio Silva Mendes, Rita Silva Andrade Santos, João Luís Carreiras Ribeiro Parracha, Ana Margarida Moreira Raimundo Instituto Superior Técnico EEA Grants 14071 12258,54 2021 2023